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October 28, 2011

Should students have to pass a basic skills test to graduate high school?

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I believe that students should have to take a test that sums up every thing they’ve had to learn in high school. Some people may not agree, saying that we need to just trust the future of this nation and have faith in them. But that’s hard to do when we have kids dropping out of middle school and tenth graders who don’t know what a noun is. We have to make sure that the people graduating high school are actually worthy of that kind of reward.

If we were to give a final test to people who are in the 12th grade and they were aware of the fact that their graduation is depending on passing this test, people would take high school much more seriously. Too many students just come to school for the sake of talking to their friends. They honestly don’t care about learning. You can see it in schools everywhere.

There’s also the fact that even though we have a lot of teachers, there’s only a handful of them who actually care. Out of that small amount, only a select few teach effectively. And some of those teachers can’t handle the kind of behavior that kids can dish out. That’s why any of them just break down and give up. Then the education of the students is in serious danger.

Also, people say we can’t give these tests because some kids don’t test well. So what? Life is full of all sorts of tests, and employers aren’t going to go easy on you. Take the kid gloves off. These are 18 year old people. They’re adults and no one is going to pamper them or hold their hand in the real world. We need to prepare them for the real world and teach them that in life there are so many obstacles that they’ll have to overcome and work hard to get past.

Some people have the audacity to say that kids are now smarter than the kids before them. That’s pure b.s. I rarely hear things this stupid. If kids are so smart, why is it that thirteen year old girls are dropping out of middle school behind getting pregnant. Why is it that a tenth grader doesn’t know what six plus six is? Giving kids and teens this kind of power as to whether or not they want to learn is why so many kids don’t know the basics of English and Math. They shouldn’t be able to decide that they don’t feel like going to class or doing the work.

Some parents and other people say that as long as they pass the required subjects and get the credits that are required a test should not determine graduation. Once again, it’s back to the teachers. Like I stated before, there are many (too many, in fact) teacher who just come to class, drink coffee, take attendance, and just sit there. They don’t teach kids anything, they just give students an A and their credits. I know because I’ve had these teachers before. And besides that, many students who are very lazy but still want a good grade will just copy off of whatever kid is sitting next to them.

“They already have enough pressure.” You have no idea how true that is. I really do have a lot of pressure from my family and myself to graduate high school and actually be somebody important in society. However, I said it once and I’ll say it again. Stop treating your sons and daughters like babies. When they grow up and go out into they work force, what are they going to do when their boss or higher-ups gives them something to do or turn in? What are they going to do when they’re drowning in work, deadlines are approaching? What about when they have kids to take care of along with bills to pay? They’re under pressure now, and they’ll be under pressure then, too. You can’t give up just because you’re under pressure. The world doesn’t work that way.

In closing, taking a test to graduate is the best thing we can do for students. To say that we have to just trust that they understand the material being taught to them in school is just ridiculous. Yes, we students are under pressure, but that doesn’t mean that we just shouldn’t take a test to graduate. Teachers can either help us or hurt us, so a test is used to make sure that we really are meeting the standards that have been set. If students know that their graduation is depending on getting a decent score on a test, a guarantee you they’ll take it seriously. So having students take a test in order to graduate has more pros than cons.

10 Responses to “Should students have to pass a basic skills test to graduate high school?”

  1.   prkeller  Says:

    Excellent essay Sasha – You have pressure? I don’t think you need to worry about graduating from high school. I think you should be applying for college or university scholarships now. Higher education is expensive.

    •   gokuandgohan  Says:

      Believe me, I’m well aware of that. I would like to go to MIT and get a master’s degree in video game design. My backup plan is UCLA.

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